Join Us in Stockholm, Be Part of the Solution!

August, thousands of experts, practitioners, decision-makers, business innovators and young professionals from many corners of the world flock to Stockholm for the World Water Week. The aspiration of the organiser (the Stockholm International Water Institute or SIWI) for this year’s gathering is nothing less than to create a movement “to achieve a water wise world for all”. 

The Sweppers* have been a part of this movement already for some time. Indeed, two years ago, as a handful of Swiss-based organisations & initiatives that support purpose-driven entrepreneurs in the water and sanitation sectors, we made a promise to join hands to increase our visibility and clout. We did this for two reasons: first, so that entrepreneurs who are in need of support can find us more easily. And second, because we believe that together, we can multiply our intended impact. 

This will be the second time that the SWEP will contribute to the World Water Week. Except that this year, the S in our acronym does no longer stand for Swiss, but for Sanitation, as we are one step closer to our vision: creating a global, networked, collaborative and cost-effective “one-stop-shop” (i.e. from idea to scale) for purpose-driven entrepreneurship in water and sanitation. 

Concretely, we will co-host a full-day seminar, entitled “Entrepreneurship Driving Water Impact for All” dedicated to the role of entrepreneurship in realising a water wise world for all. Together with the Ministry of Environment of South Korea, the Inter-American Development Bank and the San Miguel Holding Corporation, we will share best practices and define concrete actions for accelerating the impact of entrepreneurs globally.  

So, if you are planning to be in Stockholm, reserve Sunday 25 August 2019 to participate in one, two or all three sessions of the day. Expect inspiring speakersplayful exploring and deep conversations, including a marketplace for entrepreneurs and investors. More to be announced soon! 

* Membership of the SWEP is open to any enabling organisation that shares the values and is willing to contribute to the vision of the SWEP. Current members are the Antenna Foundation, cewas, the Swiss Bluetec Bridge and WaterpreneursAqua for All, the Swiss Water Partnership and the Toilet Board Coalition are strategic partners. For inquiries: