Key Resources for the WASH Entrepreneurship Sector


Want to learn more about accelerating water businesses? How to unlock investments into WASH? Or what the main opportunities in WASH financing are? Our members have been busy publishing various handbooks and guides for water entrepreneurs, WASH investors and the wider public. Check it out!

This report examines how the investment strategies of investors and entrepreneurs have changed in recent years in response to a series of compounded crises. Drawing on years of experience supporting water and sanitation entrepreneurs, selected case studies describe mitigation and adaptation options that entrepreneurs use to stabilise their business, lower risk and attract investors.

The report is published by cewas, in collaboration with the EcoSwitch Coalition, and supported by SDC and The Asfari Foundation.
Find the report here.

There are lots of high-potential business models across the world, however, the pipeline of start-ups and enterprises in the water sector is often not able to scale their operations. Cewas introduced a handbook based on many years of experience supporting over 300 social water entrepreneurs worldwide.

It is a unique knowledge product at the nexus of water, entrepreneurship and acceleration and we hope that both entrepreneurs and those seeking to support them can benefit from the insights that we share. The handbook was supported by the Swiss Agency for development and cooperation, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS – REMENA) and The Islamic Development Bank.

Available to download from our website.


In an endeavour to engage more sources of capital from private and public actors with water related interventions, cewas and the Centre for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth of the University of Zurich kicked off a project on ‘Unlocking Investments for Water Entrepreneurship’ two years ago. The results of this work are now available in a brand new guidebook, which aims to connect investors and water enterprises with shared goals. The guide provides:

  • An overview of the water sector from an investor’s point of view;
  • An outline of the different typologies of water enterprises, including key characteristics of their business models, enterprise setup, and revenue generation; and
  • Knowledge of the diverse investment instruments, ranging from traditional to innovative models, including related guidance for water related enterprises.‍

Explore the guide here.

  The e-MFP WASH Action Group, led by Aqua for All, was created in 2021 to answer a need shared by some e-MFP members, particularly investors, to better understand the WASH sector and its relevance for low-income populations in developing countries, and to address key information/knowledge gaps that constrain investors in their decisions.

In collaboration with consultant Sachin Kumar, a research study was implemented, the results of which e-MFP and Aqua for All are delighted to announce are now available in 3 publications. The first short publication ‘A Brief Introduction to WASH for Impact Investors’ conveys the main messages of the study conducted and introduces the in-depth publication – ‘A Handbook on WASH for Impact Investors’ which is published in 2 parts.

Explore these publications here

 Water loss is a problem that many water utilities suffer from. While smart technologies are not a magic bullet, they can provide some support.

In this white paper, the Flowless team shares their insights on how to make solutions more affordable through agile deployment and adaptive learning.

The guide leads the reader through a process to identify needs first and  provide customised solutions for the context. 

Download here.